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3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator

About Htaccess Redirect Generator tool provided by SmallSeoTools.Link

SmallSeoTools.Link Htaccess Redirect Generator is the best tool you can use to create responsive redirects in .htaccess files. This is the most effective way to redirect visitors. This method redirects the user, but there is no interruption because the server first validates the file before publishing the page in a web browser. If the server successfully retrieves the file, the visitor is sent directly to the redirected page. Htaccess is a file that you define to unindex / index various sections of the site (registration, sitemap, login page) to search for engine robots with specific rules.

Basically, this Htaccess file is designed to block or allow access to search engine robots to a listed directory on your site and is essential according to search engine rules. All website owners use htaccess files to guide search engine robots to index specific pages. The htaccess file contains specific code for the tracker and provides instructions for unlocking the listed directories, such as administration files and other database files.


How to use the Htaccess redirect generator?

Just enter the path of each page, not a complete URL such as about-us.htm. Using only the root indicates that the instruction being executed is independent of the domain name. If you enter a complete URL, the generated code will also consider the domain. In this way, you can link a rule to only a single domain, or switch redirects to another domain. SmallSeoTools.Link's online htaccess generator is 100% free and helps to generate substantial Htaccess files in addition to the limitations of .htaccess redirect syntax for servers such as Apache. You don't need to know about mod_rewrite before using the free tool. All you need to do is be familiar with the necessary htaccess command and generate it using proper execution. Creating custom 404 page .httaccess, 501, 403, 402 and error page 401 is a very simple htaccess and redirect, and generating password syntax restrictions is very easy. An htaccess file is a small text document usually located in the same place as the index .htm or .php page at the top of the web server. This allows you to link with Apache and control a directory or domain on the server on a cross-domain and cross-directory basis.


Where will you place the generated code?

Htaccess files are placed in the main part of the server or in any directory on the web server that provides specific control policies. For example, if you want to control the flow of visitors on a web server, protect the directory and redirect traffic that visits those web pages. This Web site generates a rewrite rule restriction syntax for use in .htaccess files to redirect these potential customers in various ways. Note that this is a trusted system file and if the syntax is incorrect, the website may be useless. Always keep the old .htaccess.


Is htaccess redirection essential for SEO?

Yes! This is essential for search engine optimization. Generating these rewrite rules is error prone and takes time. A superlative tool generates the rules.


How does the SmallSeoTools.Link Htaccess redirect generator tool work?

All you need to do is enter the previous page in a new page and click the "Generate" button. Copy the resulting code to an .htaccess file and refresh the web page to make sure that the page is redirected unnecessarily. Entered if not redirected unnecessarily to validate the page. The Htaccess tool provided by SmallSeoTools.Link is free. Please use it freely. If you change this content of the htaccess file and detect a 500 error, please remove the last added code to correct the situation. The tool can also generate code that prevents unauthorized IP for users who are damaging bots or websites.


You can use SmallSeoTools.Link's htaccess redirect URL generator to generate code to convert image cache, site compression, and file cache. This is very easy.


Why use htaccess files?

It is essential to use htaccess because website owners instruct search engine crawlers to crawl content pages. It comes with default settings and is located in the web home directory and .htaccess extension.


How to deal with duplicate content issues using htaccess files?

If you are not using htaccess files correctly, it is common for search engines to index two versions of a website. Both search engine index and have plagiarism / duplicate content issues. So if you want to be exceptional in search engines, you should enable htaccess and give preference to non-www or www versions of the site.


How to deal with organic rivals with the Htaccess redirect generator?

The list has about millions of web pages, and each word search query can find millions of pages. Therefore, if your site is less than the first 10 pages, there is no purpose because organic users are not involved. Another approach to providing flexible, unique and reliable content based on visitor interest is desirable in search engines, correcting common SEO issues such as sitemaps, duplicate content, social networks, and the first page. Get all the solutions easily with SmallSeoTools.Link.


How can I redirect the www version of a website to a non-www version using the htaccess redirect generator?

SmallSeoTools.Link is a dedicated tool enough to provide website owners with a base of user interest, flexible and reliable tools, and the htaccess file generator is another tool. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is write and enter the website where you need to generate an htaccess file, select the desired version, eg www or www version, and click the "Get Htaccess Code" button Is htaccess code. Copy the htaccess code and paste it into your site's .htaccess file.

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